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New Story: Syria’s Exodus

These kids are the lucky survivors of the Ghouta chemical attack on Aug. 21 near Damascus, Syria. In late-August/ start-September I spend about a week in the refugee camps Zaatari and Cyber City in Jordan, here I met these survivors and many others of the 6.000.000 Syrian refugees.

“Syria’s Exodus. According to the latest UN figures, 2,000,000 refugees how now fled over Syria’s borders to escape the ongoing civil war engulfing the country. Half of those refugees are children. The sprawling Zaatari camp, situated 12 kms from the Syria border, is now home to around 130,000 refugees, with the number rising by approximately 2,000 people per day. This makes Zaatari the world’s second largest refugee camp…” Read more and see images on the Panos Picture website.

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