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Outdoor exhibition in Copenhagen


The Danish Press Photographers Union (Pressefotografforbundet) is having it’s 100 years anniversary this year. Unlike in many other countries almost every documentary photographers, photojournalists, news photographers etc.  – staff and freelance alike  – are members of the union which has played a significant role in developing the Danish photo-community and pushing for better rights and higher wages in our industry. Now the old lady is turning 100 and a great book has been made together with an big outdoor exhibition in Nytorv, central Copenhagen (and touring the rest of the country afterwards). A good handful of my work has been selected – from a sleepy Danish prime minster, to the mass arrest  – both during the COP15 climate summit. But also work from Amazonas, Afghanistan and giant portrait of Norwegian prime minster Jens Stoltenberg (this iPhone picture) can be seen.

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