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09.03.09 | Back to school – teaching at DJH

This week I’ll be in Aarhus, Denmark teaching the photojournalists at theDanish School of Journalism. The same school from where I graduated two years ago.

14.01.09 | Nominated for Danish PoY 2008/09 – Normineret til Årets Pressefoto 2008/09

Tonight the nominations for the Danish Press Photo of the Year (Årets Pressefoto) was announced. I contributed with three stories, a multimedia and a few single images from the year 2008; One story was on the Sichuan-earthquake in China in May, another from Niger on a 14-year old girl, Ouma, and her day of marriage. And last, but not least, a more broader story called The Chinese Olympic Dream which among other things deals with patriotism and how some ordinary Chinese reacted towards the games. It’s still unclear which of my stories or images will be rewarded. The final result will be revealed on March 6 at Brandt Klædefabrik in Odense.

04.01.09 | Goodbye China – Hello Denmark

After freelancing almost two years in China I decided to return to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I’ve been offered a job as staff photographer at Berlingske Tidende, one of the leading Danish newspapers.

It’s been some exiting and unusual years for both China and myself. Dramatic events that I covered such as the Tibetan unrest, the Sichuan Earthquake, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the poor state of the country’s environment all left me deeply affected.

What triggered my initial interest in China was the last decades of amazing development and growth. I was fascinated and curious about this blooming superpower and the Chinese who have undergone so much. But also frightened and worried about the conditions and the consequences of all this.

And though I’d already read and heard much about China’s rise before, I guess I had never expected it to be so overwhelming – in a both fascinating and frightening way. I’m grateful that I could experience and document a glimpse of this historic moment and I sincerely hope that my images left you just a little wiser and feeling closer to the millions of ordinary Chinese who with clenched teeth are struggling to move upwards.

China is not the easiest place to work as a photojournalist, but despite putting themselves in danger many people opened their homes to me and my camera. Many thanks to all of you.

Mads Nissen, 2009

11.12.08 | Tibetan Unrest story at ‘Chobi Mela V’

My picture story from the Tibetan unrest last spring has been selected for ‘The Chobi Mela V International festival of photography’. The festival is being held in Bangladesh from Januar 2009 and is one of the largest photographic festivals in Asia. This years theme is “Freedom”.

04.11.08 | Back in Shanghai, China

I spent most of October in the Ecuadorian Amazon working on my book. I had some amazing weeks with some amazing people and I look forward to showing the images to you all. Now, I’m back home in Shanghai, China and am once again available for assignments. Please note that my cell number has changed, my new number is: +86 151 021 76 163.

09.09.08 | Attending The Nordic Master Class 2008

From October 22 until the 24 I’ll be attending the first Nordic Master Class in Norway. For more info read previous blog.

03.08.08 | Covering the Olympics for Der Spiegel

From August 2nd to August 26, I’ll be working in Beijing covering the Olympics for Der Spiegel. The focus will be the Hutongs, the people and everything in between.

03.08.08 | New story published in Der Spiegel

These are some of the tear sheets for a feature story for Der Spiegel on the world of spirit giants and how they are breaking into the Chinese market.

03.08.08 | On assignment in Japan

In July I spend two weeks in Japan with freelance writer Rasmus Thirup Beck. During the two weeks we covered a range of stories from the famous annual Fuji Rock Festival to the Amami-Islands in South Japan; the place on earth where people live the longest.

16.07.08 | Sichuan earthquake

A 8.0 sized Earthquake hit Sichuan province on the 12th of May. Almost one month after the earthquake, death toll is measured at nearly 70 000, with 17 500 still missing. For Der Spiegel I covered the terrible event.

16.07.08 | New story published: Child Athletes

This story is about a Chinese Elite Athletes School and it was recently published in the Danish magazine PLEASURE.

29.06.08 | Selected for The Nordic Master Class

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been selected for the first Nordic Master Class. The Nordic Master Class is a brand new after education seminar launched by Nordisk Journaliscenter and Update in cooperation with The Danish Photojournalism Programme.

The first part of the seminar will be in Norway in September and from during September and November all the participants will be working on a story from either of the Nordic countries. Finally we’ll meet again in the end of November to discuss and edit the stories and all stories will be published on a new website and released in a photo book. Read more here (Danish only)

21.05.08 | AMAZONAS at the Lumix photo festival

My ongoing project AMAZONAS has been selected and will be exhibit at the ‘Lumix – Festival for young photojournalism’, which will take place from June 18- 22 in Hannover, Germany. My next trip into the Amazon will take place in the fall/ winther 2008.
Link to ‘Lumix – Festival for young photojournalism’.

21.05.08 | On assignment for Stern

In May I went back to the Tibetan areas in China – this time for Stern Magazine.

21.05.08 | On assignment for Newsweek

In Marts I covered the Tibetan unrest in China for Newsweek.

11.03.08 | Democracy with Chinese Characteristics

Picture story from the opening of the 11th National People’s Congress in The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China


11.03.08 | Macau story in ‘Vagabond’

24.02.08 | In Borneo for Greenpeace Magazine

For Greenpeace Magazine I travelled into the jungle of Borneo, Indonesia to do a story on deforestation, the orangutans and the incredible work of the local organization ‘Borneo Orangutan Survival’. (10 pages, February 2008 issue)

16.02.08 | Back from Niger

I just arrived back in Shanghai after three weeks on assignment in Niger. This image is from the marriage of a 15 year old girl named Oma in the Hausa-village of Gabi. More pictures will be published this spring.

27.01.08 | On assignment in Niger

I’m on assignment in Niger from January 26 until February 18th, 2008. The first time I visited was back in 2005, during the worst food crisis this poor country had experienced in more than 20 years.

This time I’m going back together with ‘Care International’ and a Danish student NGO named ‘Operation Dagsværk’. The aim is to raise money for schools and education for kids in Niger so they will be able to break the cycle of poverty.

Care International
Operation Dagsværk (Danish)

18.12.07 | New story: Rebuilding Beijing

“Beijing 2008, building/ rebuilding” is the story about one of the biggest transformations that a city capital has ever experienced. A visit to the Olympic sites; witness world class architecture and the migrant workers who are building it all… So far published in Der Spiegel and Børsen Pleasure-Magazine.

25.11.07 | Book Cover

New book ‘Asien Buldrer’ by Jan Lund and Jørgen Ørstøm Møller.
Front cover photo from Shanghai by me. Buy it

25.11.07 | Overpopulation pictures in campaign

Pictures from my overpopulation story are now being published as part of a campaign in the Philippines by “U.P. Population Institute”.

23.08.07 | Outsourced-story: Award and Exhibition

Henning Larsen Foundation has arranged an international photography competition on “the soul of architecture”, from spatiality in modern architecture to inspired innovations in architectural photography.
Together with photographer Casper Balslev, I received an award for our long-term project on Outsourcing in Denmark.

Selected photographs are displayed at an exhibition at Tuborg’s administration building , the Rosen building , Strandvejen 54 in Hellerup, Denmark from 22 August to 2 September. The exhibition will be open every day from 14 to 18.
See Outsourced picture story here

28.06.07 | AMAZONAS-story at Voies Off in Arles

The Amazonas picture-story will be showed at the 12th Festival Voies Off, which will take place from July 3rd to 7th in Arles, France.

24.05.07 | Photographing Danish Kids for PKA

Earlier this year I shot the 2006 Annual Report for PKA – one of Denmark’s major pension funds. The idea was to show the daily life of Danish kids.

05.05.07 | AMAZONAS-story in FOTO8-Magazine

AMAZONAS, FOTO8-Magazine, May 2007, 8 pages

15.04.07 | New story published: “OUTSOURCED”

The long-term project “Outsourced – End of the Industrial Revolution” is now being published in FAGBLADET. Together with photographer Casper Balslev I have documented companies compounds which were left empty in Denmark after their production has been outsourced to other countries.

15.04.07 | Winner of the Kravling award for photography

My ongoing picture story AMAZONAS won the Kravling-award 2007 given to a young journalist or photojournalist in Denmark.

31.03.07 | Freelance in Shanghai

I decided to move to Shanghai,China to take a deeper look at the country – its economic boom and the consequences of it.
I am available for freelance assignments in Shanghai, Beijing, China and the rest of the region.

03.03.07 | Vinder af Årets Pressefoto/ Winner of Danish Press Photo of the Year

Mit billede fra en fødeklinik i Filippinerne er blevet Årets Pressefoto 2006-7. Billedet er fra en reportage om overbefolkning i Filippinerne. En reportage der desuden vandt en anden plads i feature kategorien.

My picture from a maternity ward in the Philippines was selected as the best picture of the year 2006-7 in the Danish Press Photo of the Year contest. The picture is from a story about overpopulation in the Philippines. This story was also awarded with a 2nd place in best feature of the year.

01.03.07 | POYi: Award Of Excellence/ Issue Reporting Picture Story

The story about overpopulation in the Philippines received an Award of Excellence at this year’s Picture Of The Year (POYi) in the ‘Issue Reporting Picture Story’ category.

01.03.07 | Third prize in ‘Days Japan, International photojournalism award’

Once again this year I received the 3rd prize in ‘DAYS JAPAN – International Photojournalism Award’. This time it was for the story about overpopulation in Manila, the Philippines.

29.01.07 | Winner of the Scanpix-prize 2007

The Scanpix-prize is given to a photojournalist for the best Bachelor Project at The Danish School of Journalism.
My bachelor project AMAZONAS is a personal voyage into the wilderness of the Amazon.
The Danish Scool of Journalism
Læs begrundelse her (Danish)

29.01.07 | Graduated from The Danish School of Journalism, Photojournalism

Today I graduated from The Danish School of Journalism where I have been studying Photojournalism for the last four years. My bachelor project AMAZONAS is a personal voyage into the wilderness of the amazon in South America. It’s an ongoing book project.

From February I will be working freelance based in Shanghai, China.

20.01.07 | Médicos del Mundo -Group exhibition for Humanitarian Photography

Pictures from my story about overpopulation in Manila, Philippines will be part of a group exhibition on humanitarian photography. In 2007, the exhibition will be on display in Spain, Portugal, France, England, Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

11.11.06 | ØJENVIDNER 2006

Øjenvidner 2006/ Eyewitness 2006.

Photos of the year by the photographers from Politiken.
Photo book and exhibition in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen from November to December the 4th. Together with the annual World Press Photo exhibition.
Buy book here

05.11.06 | NEW STORY: Overpopulation in Manila

Too many people. Too little space.

With every passing second, there are more and more of us. By the year 2050, the global population is expected to pass nine billion people, a significant increase from the six-and-a-half billion today. In the Philippines, they are already running out of space. The capital of Manila is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world.

05.11.06 | NEW STORY: Moldova 2006

With Freedom Came Poverty – a reportage from Moldova
Moldova was one of the richest states in the former Soviet Union. Today it’s the poorest country in Europe. 34 percent of the population survive on less than 1,70 Euro a day. But the European Union (EU) is getting closer to Moldova. When Moldova’s neighbour Romania joins, it will be just next door. That may be as soon as in January 2007. Published in Euroman, November 2006.

05.09.06 | WPP/ ASEF Workshop in Manila

This august Mads Nissen represented Denmark in the Asia-Europe Forum for young photographers.

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), World Press Photo Foundation (WPPF) and the Philippine Center for Photojournalism (PCP) co-organised the Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers 2006 in Manila, Philippines, bringing together 21 young photojournalists from Europe and Asia. More pictures will be released in late september.

24.07.06 | Exhibition about forgotten crisis at Visa pour l’Image-Perpignan

Mads Nissen will participate in a Médecins du Monde exhibition, about forgotten crisis at Visa pour l’image in Perpignan, from the 2nd to the 17th of September 2006, on the esplanade in front of the Palais des Congrès. His contribution will be a picture of a woman who lost eight children during the food crisis in Niger 2005.

28.04.06 | Honorable Mention in ‘China International Press Contest’

Mads Nissen received Honorable Mention for his story about the foodcrisis in Niger -the poorest country in the world.
The Honorable Mention was given in the ‘Daily Life -picturestory category’ in China International Press Contest (CHIPP).

20.04.06 | Book cover

New book by Michael Jeppesen and Anders Lund Madsen ‘Hold masken eller der falder brænde ned’.

And Front cover photo by Mads Nissen.

15.03.06 | The Skyscraper

It has been called ‘The Suicide Skyscraper’, ‘A Vertical Village’, and ‘The Perfect ‘Domus Vista’ – The home with a view; with its 29 floors rising 102 meters above ground. It is the tallest residential building in Denmark. Inside every window is a different story.
Published in Politiken the March 11th 2006.

15.03.06 | Third prize in ‘Days Japan, International photojournalism award’

Mads Nissen received the third prize in ‘Days Japan, International Photojournalism Award’, for his story about the foodcrisis in Niger -the poorest country in the world.

19.01.06 | Øjenvidner 2005

Øjenvidner 2005/ Eyewitness 2005.

Photos of the year by the photographers from Politiken. Photo book and exhibition in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen from November to December the 4th. Together with the annual World Press Photo exhibition. Buy the book here