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Book: We are Indestructible, Signed

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We are Indestructible provides a glimpse of the multi-layered seams of Colombia’s past, present and future. More than 50 years of conflict between the government army, guerrilla rebels and paramilitary groups has led to the internal displacement of 7 million citizens, leaving visible scars on the landscape and people of Colombia. We are Indestructible is the culmination of Nissen’s work, providing a portrait of a war-torn country navigating the complexities of newfound peace.

*** PDN, Best Photobook, Winner *** Picture of the Year, Photography book of the Year, Finalist ***

Designed and published by GOST BOOKS. 1. edition, 2018. Hardback clothbound, 192 pages, 90pp colour and 72pp b/w images, Text and interviews (English language). 285 x 220 mm portrait format, ISBN: 978-1-910401-23-1

Book: AMAZONAS, Signed

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AMAZONAS is a raw and lyrical journey into the world’s largest rainforest. Mads Nissen’s intense documentary photographs lure you inside the uncanny wilderness, where gold-diggers, warriors, homosexuals in exile and isolated indigenous tribes collide on the threshold between nature and culture, instinct and reason, our origin and our future 1. edition, 2013, Hardback, 192 pages, 132 images. 9 essays. ISBN: 978-87-00-79096-4. English edition. Last copies.


Gyldendal. 1. edition, 2013, Hardback, 192 pages, 132 images. 9 essays. ISBN: 978-87-02-13610-4. Danish edition. 

Book: De Faldne (DK), SOLD OUT

People’s Press. 1 edition, 2010, Soft cover, 434 pages, 34 images and 28 photo collages by Mads Nissen, Text by Karl Erik Stougaard, Jesper Caruso and Line Holm Nielsen. ISBN: 9788799410101. 

Original fine-art prints, signed and numbered.

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